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Initial Consult

Initial consults last approximately 75 minutes. In this visit we cover everything: the history of your presenting concerns, health background, and all aspects of your health and lifestyle including diet, digestion, body pain, sleep and exercise habits, energy levels, hormones, mood and mental health, family history and psychiatric history. It will be a conversation focused on telling your story and asking questions. Relevant physical exams may be completed. Following this visit, extensive research will be done to create a customized treatment plan, which will be presented at the second visit.


Follow Up Visit

Follow up visits last 60 minutes. Here we will discuss the treatment plan, review your case, and perform in office treatments such as acupuncture and counselling as needed. Lab work may also be suggested at this time.



Shorter phone and in-person follow up appointments can be arranged based on needs.

15 min phone consults are always free!

Andy DuBois, ND Naturopathic Doctor 


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